Commuter’s Breakdown Cover

If you use your vehicle to commute to work, one of the most valuable things you can have is a good breakdown cover. Some insurance policies add this as part of your normal liability policy, but often you need to purchase breakdown insurance separately.

The Kind of Driving You Do

Insurers take the kind of driving you do into consideration when issuing a policy. If you normally use your car to visit friends and family or to make the occasional trip to the grocery store, then you are a social driver. You might not need the sort of coverage that would allow you to drive across Europe, nor do you need the extensive coverage required by someone who will drive their car every day.

If you are a commuter, however, you will need the sort of coverage that will help you get out of the driveway and take care of any mishaps along the way. Your job might be riding on your ability to arrive punctually and reliably each day. So you will need a more intensive sort of coverage than the driver who only uses their car or truck occasionally.

Insurance for Commuters

Commuters might typically need two types of breakdown insurance. They will, of course, want roadside assistance. It is the quickest way to get help if you have a flat, a belt breaks or some other minor but debilitating event occurs while you are on your way to or home from work.

A good breakdown policy will also have provision for towing to a nearby repair facility if your vehicle has developed a problem that will take more than thirty minutes to repair. Thirty minutes is the typical time allotted for roadside repairs.

The third part of a good commuter insurance policy is At-home assistance. It might sound a little crazy, but one of the frequent locations for automotive difficulties is right in your own driveway. Your at-home problems can range from locking your keys inside the car or having a rundown battery to having a major mechanical issue come to light just as you are leaving home. Many ordinary breakdown policies do not cover if you are not at least ten miles away from your residence.

How Commuting is Defined

There are two types of commuter. There is the person who drives from home to their place of work and back again each day. The other type of commuter is one who drives their vehicle to a commuter parking lot, leaves it there for the day, and takes some sort of public transport the rest of the way to work. In both cases, a reliable personal vehicle takes the guesswork out of meeting your schedule. Whether you are driving directly to the location where you will work, or whether you are catching a plane, train or bus, punctuality is definitely going to count.

Breakdown Coverage Can Help

While there are no guarantees with mechanical things like cars, commuter breakdown insurance can make the difference between being thirty minutes late or missing half a day of work or more. Drive-way or roadside repairs often can be managed in thirty minutes or less from the time the mechanic arrives to help. By contrast, if you must wait for a towing truck, then wait for a busy mechanic to diagnose the problem and then wait some more for a repair, you almost might as well call in sick for the day. The good news with breakdown insurance is that it often comes with backup transportation as well as a mobile mechanic with a van full of parts.

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